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Located on Vine Street, this project spans two floors. On the uppermost floor, we manufactured and installed a full-service area. This wrap-around space for staff features a solid surface made by our in-house specialist, with slat-panel detailing across the front to provide a stunning decorative customer-facing point of sale. Integrated basins, taps, appliances, and full lockable oak cabinet doors complete the area. We chose to use a solid surface which was made by our in-house specialist. This surface not only looks great, but it is also durable and easy to clean, making it ideal for use in a foodservice area.

For a quick stop and somewhere to enjoy your coffee, we installed an oak bar along the side window, providing a comfortable and stylish place to take in the city lifestyle.

Heading downstairs, visitors are immediately drawn to the display of archaeological finds that were unearthed during the building's revamp. Housed in a small museum-like area, we installed floor-to-ceiling acoustic wall panelling that spans the bare wall, providing a touch of color. The wall panelling not only adds a pop of color to the space, but it also serves a practical purpose by helping to absorb sound, making the space more comfortable for visitors to enjoy.

Directly ahead from the bottom of the staircase is a small, impactful hidden unit and access door. Taking on the shape of more wall panelling, the flush, even finish is only broken by the lock barrels, a great way to maintain aesthetic and brighten up an otherwise dull space. This hidden unit and access door not only adds an element of surprise to the space, but it also provides a practical solution for storage.

In the downstairs kitchen area, we fitted a straight run of units to provide ample workspace for the staff. With a simple finish and layout, this area is easy to keep clean and free of any possible contaminants that may be lingering around the kitchen.

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