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UEL Pumphouse

Recently the University of East London has made some investments into its space to create more places for its students to live, study and thrive. One of these places is the UEL Pump House, a cafe/bar in the heart of campus to provide a relaxing spot for students to gather, unwind and find their productivity. We were lucky enough to be a part of this project and provide a café bar area for staff and students on campus. 

A rustic hit and miss feature wall along the front edge of the bar was a great touch to bring the orange and yellow tones from the walls into the bar seamlessly, alongside the monochromatic solid surfaces and cabinet combination, as the rest of the room follows towards the rear walls. 

The whole café bar is almost framed as an art piece sitting directly next to the large whale and East London mural. 

A well thought out room, using very cleverly the natural depth to really bring it all together as one. 

A perfect project to be such a part of!

UEL Final Photos HighRes 23
UEL Final Photos HighRes 4
UEL Final Photos HighRes 2
UEL Pumphouse Unfinished5
UEL Final Photos HighRes 14
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