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Stranger & Stranger

We completely transformed this office space, one of the smaller offices we have fitted out, that didn’t mean we didn’t provide much joinery though. 

For this industry leading bottle designer and manufacturer, we provided industrial rustic storage solutions for them to display their work. 

A large double sided display cabinet was situated directly in front of the lift, giving ample display space for all of their work, with cabinetry under the open fronted display on the front and back, the timber framing and shelving was open ended so you could display from either side, using inset steel rods to stop and unwanted movement in the displayed items.

On side was open fronted book shelving and the other was lockable black units to store items safely. 

In the meeting room we used powder coated steel tubing and fittings running from floor to ceiling to hold up our timber shelving, surrounding the meeting room TV were two symmetrical top lit display boxes, held in place by black horizontal panels as a blended supported, the bottom half provided and extra storage space too.

In the final space of the office, we built a side board style cabinet, with bespoke doors, individually hand crafted to bring the sense of uniqueness that the client has made their name providing.

The last piece in this build was the glass front display, a company with as many awards as this, needed a bespoke cabinet to showcase that, black marbled worktop and wall panel to match, flowing into the black cupboard doors, glass front displays are situated on either side of the cabinet, finished with black metal framing and gold accented hinges to tie everything together.

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