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Spread across entire floors of the same building, we installed our half-ton desk in the main building reception area. This was a mammoth task, involving multiple tea points, boardroom cabinetry, and a completely bespoke solid surface reception desk.

As you enter the offices, you are met by our solid surface reception desk, built to emulate somewhat of an iceberg with its sharp lines and 3D profile. This desk was a mark of true craftsmanship by our solid surface specialist. Adjacent to the desk sits our first tea point, a smaller visitor point built into a recess in the wall and finished in the repeating color scheme around the offices: white with oak worktops and blue accenting.

When you enter the main office floor, you'll see many different items installed, including 2 laptop bars, 3 tea points, an island, tech bar, 4 free-standing storage areas, a mobile busking cart, and a TV shelving unit.

Heading upstairs, you're welcomed by the first of 2 tea points on this floor, again paired with a solid surface island, and 3 storage areas spread around the floor that are easily accessible from anywhere. Two parts of this floor are very distinct in design: the quiet room, with panelling details from floor to ceiling all around the room, is finished with a pair of telephone boxes that have been retrofitted with seats and desktops to work as single-person Zoom rooms. We manufactured the entrance doors to the room ourselves, finished in a dark stain. These sliding barn doors with ironmongery details started the room off as a pleasure.

The next is our free-standing, two-bay booth, a huge oak cuboid installed in a freestanding space next to a giant enclosed igloo. The booth stands as somewhat of an eye-catcher, with its simple exterior design and more detailed interior. It has 4 bench seats with a partition separating the giant box into two booths, with cosmic-design backdrops, panelled side walls and ceiling, and booth seats finished in fabric to create a stunning environment to meet in.

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