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Solid Surface Material

In the last few years, solid surface materials have become ever more popular.

With the durability of stone and the workability of softer materials such as wood and plastics, this highly versatile material is a winner through and through.

Apply enough heat to these sheets and they become pliable like plastics, meaning that curved desks like this one can be made in just a few large pieces with some carefully built formers to mould them.

The durability of these surfaces make them great for kitchen worktops, with the added extra benefit of any chips and scrapes being fixable so that you'd never even know they happened.

We work with an abundance of solid surface materials in various finishes, grades and designs, with our very our specialist in the workshop to make sure that every surface is finished to the highest of standards. Whether it be seamless straight worktops, round islands, or curved structures.

Our projects have included, desks, kitchens, tea points, tables, sinks, troughs and so much more, it is a truly a material to be looked at when looking into a project, with the availability of so many colours and finished it can be used for almost anything you can think of.

If you want to see more of our solid surface works, all of our best projects can be found in our portfolio.

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