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Laminate Material

With the increasing costs of materials still not settling, clients are looking for more cost effective alternatives to achieve the final aesthetic they want, at a better price.

Laminates are the answer, available in a huge variety of finishes, colours and effects, they pave the way for a design first approach.

From flat colours and wood grains through to luxury finishes like these brushed stainless boards, used to create a welcoming room separator to this office floor.

They are a great material to bring out of the box designs to life and get your project over the line.

Ideal for cabinets and doors, to keep everything looking the same throughout, without the need to spend unnecessarily, even if you want real wood doors on cabinets but a lower cost carcass to match the design. The beauty of having so many different options allows you to go as crazy or as minimal as you like.

Using these laminate boards provides a cost effective solution to anyone looking to bring a more imaginative design to life, to see more projects and how we utilise laminate boards, have a look through our portfolio and see if you can spot real from laminate.

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