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Islands - The Perfect Communal Space

If there is something that can make a big impact without being too intrusive on design, it’s an island. With most being similar but very different at the same time.

An area that is both separate and connected to the coffee or tea point, allowing more space to be used by personnel.

With appliances integrated or just a shell, these products can be extremely versatile at tying spaces together or creating communal areas for staff to collaborate and meet. Whether this be with a fridge, freezer, wine cooler or even a microwave.

We have built small islands with nothing but a wine cooler built in and a solid worktop all the way up to a 6 meter breakfast bar island with a full kitchens worth of cabinets drawers and appliances.

If you are looking to add a functional space to your office, then an island is a great addition, they can be made to fit most spaces and create a comfortable feel, where people can gather, work, eat or drink.

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