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CNC - Intricacies and Puzzles

Went it comes to fine detail and precision cutting, you can’t beat the CNC. We have made some extremely complicated, very detailed products that would have otherwise been near impossible to get perfect, from reception desks to wall panelling.

Utilising the machine we can provide geometric (or any design for that matter) patterns carved straight out of a sheet material, that we can take, finish and install in much less time than we would waste otherwise trying to do it manually.

Building out the framework for some of our curved reception desks and getting every piece to sit just right, would not have happened in the time frames we work to with out creating the giant jigsaw from CNC pieces, carved out of sheets to exact sizes and curve radius’ (plural) allowing us to from the bases of our desks efficiently, without fuss.

CNC provides use with pin point accurate size and shaping, at a fraction of the time consumption, making it effective for both ourselves and the client.

The allows us to keep working on other aspects of the projects making sure everything gets rolled out just as it should be without a rush.

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