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Set on the 4th floor of an office building just across the road from Tottenham Court Station, this office fit out was a big one.

Starting with the bar area we manufactured for the client that sits just in front of the main entrance of their floor, a large span oval bar area, finished with curved layered solid surface, sitting underneath gold powder coated metal framework fitted with toughened glass and twin wall Perspex to create somewhat of a floating halo around the entire area, bespoke cabinets create great storage space within the whole bar, once you get past this first installation, you can take a seat somewhere on our wall to wall serpentine seating area, fully upholstered to create a flowing colour scheme that falls from the forest-esque planter design, with separate lighting within every booth.

In the next area of the floor we supplied three main items, first is the bleacher seating, all in dark stained oak, with in built steps and hand rail to make access easier and safe, sat against the electric blue tiles and company logo large on the wall.

Running parallel with the seating is a mammoth boardroom tabel, following the same design, with cross frame legs supporting its immense weight. 

To make the most of the wall space in between windows, we supplied and fitted several booth areas and single desk spaces the span the width of the room. floor to ceiling panelling in the same dark oak applied elsewhere creates a great contrast to the floods of natural light that beam through the windows, brining a calming balance to the area,

Rustic scaffold shelving provides some what of a walk way into the main office area, following the walls, wrapping around, through the door way, until it turns a corner and reaxhes the end of the room, with a perfect gap for the interactive monitors hung on the wall.

Throughout the rest of the floor we supplied many wall mounted desks for quiet rooms that people can use for private meetings and minimising distractions.

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