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A large provider of ePOS (electronic Point of Sale) solutions, are moving into a brand-new office floor adjacent London Bridge. 

A huge variety of joinery was required, and we had the pleasure of manufacturing all of the elements.

From tendering to install, this has been a huge job for us, in a commercial world of giants.

The team worked tirelessly to bring the very best quality products to our client and install it within a tight deadline. 

Starting with the tea points and print point we installed fitted cabinets and wall units into alcoves inside the office space and built in white goods were supplied to fit also, We then installed a blend of stone and solid surface worktops to accompany the joinery.

After the first phase of fitting, we continued to put together two tea point islands, one of which was a mammoth 7 meters in size that really stood centre point in the lengthy room. 

Our next task was to bring a meeting room to life with a wall-to-wall AV unit in soft touch black laminate featuring two shelving units either side large monitors, all sat on top of a series of cabinets fitted with individual key and lock systems.

Shortly after, our bespoke reception desk was ready to be fitted, as a centre piece, it is the first thing you see walking out of the entrance elevators, covering more than half of the width of the reception area, the desk is impossible to miss and understandably draws the eye.

We then went on to install our podiums, a series of 5 podiums of different specifications were situated around the main areas to provide beautiful sitting and standing points for members of staff to meet and collaborate openly.

All in all, a monumental effort from everyone involved to bring this stunning office from concept to real life.

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