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Situated in the heart of Mayfair, Hanover Street is right in the centre of the hustle and bustle of city life, the contrast to the manic rush of city life this office floor provides is incredible. Straight away, walking through the door, you are met with a Cork panelling across the far wall and ceiling, providing an immediately noticeable softness, calming the myriad of senses you have just gone through walking the streets of London.

Through past the reception area we installed a display consisting of a 3 stage oval box section frame, powder coated in a neutral colour, with toughened glass shelves for display items that the client wants to be seen, all surrounding a manufactured base sprayed to match the box section.

Hidden in the furthest corner of the office floor, this tea point. Following the colour scheme with the cabinetry, all the doors are finished in the same neutral colour found across the rest of the project, with the bottom cabinets using fine stainless steel pull handles and the top wall cabinets being push to open. Underneath the wall units we provided a floating oak storage space that compliments everything nicely while adding extra room for cups and mugs without taking up more of the footprint. Finishing this tea point off is the solid surface wrap around worktop and upstand, with a complete flip of the colour wheel making it really pop in the room.

If staff want to take a seat for a cosy coffee, the booth seating we built is perfect, secluded enough to feel intimate whilst being completely out in the open so not to feel alone, upholstered with premium materials making comfort the selling point on this one.

The last piece to the puzzle in this project is the radiator cover, we had to build and match the cover exactly to the ones that existed across the office already, to fit over the heater and stay on the wall, finished in white with a mesh air flow and black plinth.

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