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Forbury Road

Inside the reception and lounge area of this incredibly put together office building situated in Reading, we started by installing 3 separate seating pods. 2 full surround booths with table facing seating for staff to sit together, collaborate and break, and a long booth separate with room facing seating, finished in the same blue found throughout the floor, inset led lighting set at a pink hue to keep to the design throughout the rest of the installations, with seating finished in a Kvadrat fabric, the 2 booth pods are sat next to a bench seating pod, creating an alley through to the fire exit.

Across from the booths we installed a 6 metre stone topped table, complete with recessed power outlets, across the surface of the top. A full dowel surround of the tables frame finished in Light Grey. Wrapping around the bottom, is a powder coated steel skirting finished in Black Grey, set back under the frame to provide an almost floating effect when you look at the table.

On the back wall we fitted a bespoke sign for the building, 4 separate pieces spanning 3.4 metres. Sitting on a sprayed timber frame to create a gap around the sign for the LED lighting to give an under-glow to the sign. The sign was designed keep with the colour scheme found everywhere in this building with added vinyl design within the alphanumeric frames that were sprayed in a pale brown.

The last piece to be installed at this project was an 8 metre tall moss wall frame. Running from floor to ceiling this giant frame although simple in design was a tough one to fit, but once on the wall and finished. This was a great feature for the reception and a huge showstopper as soon as you walk in the building.

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