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AXA Healthcare

A large joinery package we were tasked with creating three separate spaces within this huge complex, the first piece was slatted reception desk, a full oak front and curved around the side with overhanging worktops to create a large workspace with ample room for reception staff to communicate with and help people that arrive in the building. This 2 level reception desk also included a fitted storage cabinet for the staff to use under the worktops.

We also created a huge conference area for staff meetings, a full 360º seating area across 3 levels, completed in oak veneer to match seamlessly with the flooring, with upholstered seat pads across all levels with the bottom two having back pads on black metal brackets for a sleek finish. Flowing around the outside edges are bar style seating areas for extra room when things are busy. On the bottom level a section of the seating was left out and a wheelchair area was fitted for people with disabilities to sit comfortably with everybody else.

The last area of this building was the cafeteria, we installed 4 separate matching booths with table tops for staff to sit down and enjoy lunch, all finished in a blue fabric with seat pads, back pads and a fabric wall detail to complete the surround of the booth.

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